Investing Wisely


Financial Strategies and Concepts

At Devereaux Financial we believe in providing advice and products that will help you reach your financial goals. One strategy is to invest in an extremely well diversified portfolio that will achieve stability, income and less risk.

Being diversified in a portfolio that is holding real estate, stocks, bonds, mortgages and several other asset classes will offer greater diversification which reduces risk and fluctuations in your portfolio.  Ask us how this is different from most other investments you may have.

Why do we Refer a  Portfolio Manager?

Portfolio managers manage investment portfolios and ultimately make final investment decisions for pensions, endowments, foundations and private clients. One way Portfolio Managers set themselves apart from "main street" retail investment managers is by often charging lower management fees. This is possible because they typically manage larger amounts of money for a smaller client base.

How Can Portfolio Managers Help You?

Upon beginning to work with a Portfolio Manager, an agreement is written known as an investment Policy Statement or IPS .  This document that outlines your specific investment objectives and risk tolerance. The IPS is the basis on how your Portfolio Manager will determine an appropriate mix of investments and make modifications to your portfolio. With your IPS, you typically give authority to your Portfolio Manager to make investment decisions on your behalf, this is called discretionary management. It is therefore important to meet or talk with your Portfolio Manager at least annually to ensure that your IPS is up-to-date and accurately reflects your needs.

What is Glenn's Involvement?

Glenn has developed relationships with numerous Portfolio Managers  & Investment Firms across Canada. Not all Portfolio Managers are alike, many have unique or specific strategies. Glenn refers clients to Portfolio Managers that he thinks offer the best services. He earns a referral fee for this service, which is embedded in the fees described above - not an extra cost over and above the fees disclosed to each client. Glenn believes that Portfolio Managers provide the best 'Core' portfolio service for clients.

Why Should You Work With A Portfolio Manager?

There are many advantages to working with a Portfolio Manager as opposed to a retail investment manager. Portfolio Managers have a fiduciary duty to act with care, honesty and good faith in the best interest of their clients. Therefore, all investment decisions must be independent, thus preventing conflicts of interest. This results in a higher level of trust between Portfolio Managers and their clients.

All Portfolio Managers, and the firms they work for, must be registered. In order to become registered, they must meet strict financial reporting, capital and insurance requirements and the individual Portfolio Managers are required to have a high level of education and experience in the investment industry.

Portfolio Managers charge a fee based on a percentage of the investments they manage. This fee is transparent and typically less than mutual funds or bank investments. The fee is listed on clients statements and usually goes down as a percentage of your portfolio as your assets grow. 



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